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Blackwater Effluent Irrigation Upgrade Project – Stage 2


Client: Central Highlands Regional Council
Value: $2.1M
Commencement: October 2017

The project reduces the amount of grey water released into Sagittarius Creek from the Blackwater Sewage Treatment Plant to comply with environmental legislation. Council installed fully automated irrigation-evaporation systems in two stages across four sites and a total of 63 hectares.

– Site Clearing works 11 ha
– Construction of 8ML effluent storage Dam, including HDPE liner. Works involved over 8,000 BCM cut to fill under level 1 supervision.
– Installation of 1.5km DN200 HDPE effluent main.
– Installation & commissioning of 11km of DN63 irrigation lines.
– Construction of new pump station & SCADA.
– Installation of HV feed to new pump station from Golf Course Club House.
– Testing & Commissioning