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Richmond Water Main Project

2014 Queensland

Project Name: Richmond Water Main Augmentation – Richmond (QLD)
Client: Richmond Shire Council
Value: $1.1M
Commencement: August 2014

Due to the reactive nature of the soils in the region the existing asbestos cement main is becoming too brittle to cope with the high level of ground movement. Subsequently Offaly Civil Engineering were engaged to replace these mains to address this issue & cope with higher demand placed on the system once a new water treatment plant has been installed.

– Installation of 7.0 km of DN150 PVC water main.
– Live connections to existing council Water mains
– Saw cutting & road rehabilitation
– Domestic & Commercial water service connections
– Community liaison to mitigate effects of water outages when commissioning new services.
– Installation of associated hydrants & isolation valves.
– Testing and commissioning to local standards.